Trekking is the activity of travelling by walk from one place to another place with the aim of exploring the  natural beauties, histories,cultures,flora fauna of particular place. Nepal is rich in it's natural biodiversity and it is the country of multi ethnic group of more than 100 different ethnicities and   more than 100 languages are spoken here. It  is very much rich in  different traditions,religions, cultures,arts,crafts,festivals and celebrations. Nepal is the one of the great destination for trekking, every year more than millions of tourist come for trekking in different parts of Nepal.The attraction of tourist in Nepal began since the 1950, after the Nepal opened it's borders for foreighners. Most popular trekking destinations in  Nepal are Annapurna and Everest regions whereas  there are many more  trekking routes are in use in nowadays such  as Langtang region treks, Kanchenjunga treks, Restricted area's treks  as Upper Mustang trek, Upper Dolpo trek, Tsum Valley treks etc.Trekking in Nepal now became very different than the years  in the past. Mostly trekkers do the trekking in  high  Himalayas, some do  a few days of hiking while others take on a month long trek through valleys and high mountain passes.Mostly trekking regions are preserved by   National parks and conservation areas where as there are well facilities of lodging and fooding along the trekking trails. The  major trekking trails are well maintained.  

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Dolpo Region

The hidden gem of Upper Dolpo exists in the isolated vicinities of Western Nepal to the north of the Dhaulagiri range. Dolpo had long remained secluded from the outer world till the successful screening of Oscar-nominated prestigious movie entitled ’Caravan’ brought immense response and soon became best western Nepal Trekking. Upper Dolpo Trek is still a Restricted Area ,trekking that was opened for foreigners only in 1989. Remaining cut off from the outer world made Upper Dolpo Region immune to the negative impacts of modernism and thus enabled them in retaining the decade-old traditions, culture, and way of life alive in its original [...]

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Best Selling Packages

Mera Peak-19 Days
Mera Peak-19 Days
 USD 1800
 19 Days
Mera Peak is an exciting , scenically and highest trekking peak in Nepal becoming popular among trekkers and climbers....
Everest Basecamp and Fly Back by Helicopter to Lukla Trek-14 Days
Everest Basecamp and Fly Back by Helicopter to Lukla Trek-14 Days
 USD 2500
 14 Days
After 30 Minutes flight with magnificienct scenery lands you in Lukla Airport. ...
Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek-16 Days
Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek-16 Days
 USD 3200
 16 Days
Everest Base Camp Luxury Lodge  Trek  is  one of the inspirational and grandest trek in the world to explore  many beautiful highe...
Everest Basecamp Normal Trek- 17 Days
Everest Basecamp Normal Trek- 17 Days
 USD 1300
 17 Days
The Everest Base Camp trek on the south side is most iconic basecamp of all, standout amongst the most well known trekking trail  in the himalaya...
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